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Who we are ;

Sethum Products is a packing and distributing company started by the proprietor Mrs. Rushini Jeewanthi Kumari in 2004. It provides many varieties of goods under the main categories grains and pulses, Cake ingredients, and Imported nuts through supermarket chains Islandwide. Sethum Products provide you the goods with the utmost care in packing going through a series of quality checks which are manually packed by the employees to ensure the quality and safety for the customers. 

Sethum Products under the Management of proprietor Rushini Jeewanthi, Directors Mr. Dinesh Priyantha, and Mr. Damiru Thewanjith apart from the high-quality goods provided to the customers engage in many social activities. The foundation “Bavathra” provides financial support to the needy and the annual “dansäla” held the day after the Vesak Poya day is some examples. Also, an annual New Year festival is held in order to raise the spirit of the employees. The employees are provided with a convivial work environment where the management and the employees are “Family”.


A word from the proprietor ;


Packaging business. I shall be honest to say that to find solutions to the needs of my family, I started this business by packing small packets of Star-shaped Papadam. I humbly recall that when I was carrying out my simple sale from shop to shop, it was Laugf's supermarket who held out their hand for me at first from the chain of supermarkets. At this initial time period my husband, my children, and my parents gave me immense support and cooperation. Afterward, the supermarket and within 03 years through almost all the main supermarkets like Cargills, Arpico, Super K… spread islandwide, our products were reached to the customers.   

As a woman, holding in the field of business is a very difficult task. According to Buddhism persisting not being swayed by the Eight worldly conditions and equally enduring the Gains and Losses, I took forward this business. In management, process sensitivity brings many obstacles. At every such moment taking guidelines through Buddhism I took forward successive steps.    
Under the brand name, Sethum Products 100+ items reach our beloved customers which are mainly under the categories Grains and pulses, Cake ingredients, and Imported Nuts and seeds. 

I need to approach my beloved customers islandwide wholeheartedly. Every single product that comes into the hands of my customers through a series of quality checks by my employees without being directly sent to packing machines, Afterwards they are packed with utmost care and distributed islandwide to be reached to our beloved customers. Here, our employees receive special training to ensure the safety of our customers.    
As a Sri Lankan Buddhist woman I am content with my life. I spend my lifetime meaningfully and courageously. As a Sri Lankan Sinhala Businesswoman I am proud of myself as I have been given the opportunity through employing Sri Lankans to resolve many life problems of theirs, providing them a convivial work environment and bonding closely with them. 

Though I am a middle-classed Sinhala business woman I have divided my earnings according to the teachings of Buddhism and I perform many social activities. I have initiated a financial foundation named “Bavatra” to cross the endless journey in Samsara with my personal capital and annually various social services are done. 


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