Sago is the starch extracted from the spongy centre or the pith of tropical palm stem; Metroxylon sagu. Sago is also known as Sego, Sabuddana.
Sago is made from starch which boosts energy and helps in weight gaining.
Sago is well used by bodybuilders as it is proven to aid in muscle growth and as it is rich in Calcium, it strengthens bones.
Sago has no cholesterol in it which is very good for cholesterol patients. Sago has low-sodium levels which are beneficial to patients with high blood pressure. Both the above facts improve cardiovascular health.
Sago is high in fibre which prevents constipation and gastritis. Sago improves your digestive health.
Sago is one of the best foods to be consumed on a hot day to cool down your body.
Sago is gluten-free, so it can be consumed by Gluten-free dieters.
Sago can be consumed as both sweet and savoury dishes Sago can be mixed with coconut milk and made into a sweet porridge, pudding or it can be added to Dosei, Vadai.
Sago can also be mixed with vegetables and tempered as a substitute for breakfast.


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