Sethum Products

Who we are

Sethum products is a food manufacturing, packing and distributing company started by our proprietor Rushini Jeewanthi Kumari in the year 2003. 

Started as a small company that packets and distributes star papadam and a handful of dry goods to retail shops, today, Sethum products has grown to a company that manufacturers and supply 100+ items under the main categories Grains and Pulses, Dried foods, Nutritious Nuts and Seeds, Dessert Ingredients and Plant Based Processed Foods to island-wide supermarkets.

Being a woman on the business to support we thrive to support the family economics by employee more than 50 women to be the backbone of Sethum Products.

Our Vision

To be a leader in Sri Lanka in producing high-quality, reliable food and packaging, and distributing plant-based nutritious food products.

Our Mission

To be a brand that stays at the heart of our customers by preserving reliability in high-quality packaging of food and production of nutritious plant-based food items representing the local identity and uniqueness and providing an environment where our employees can work with great satisfaction and happiness, giving the highest value to our partners while engaging in social service.

Our Factory Premise

Our Factory premise structure has been modified to facilitate the ISO 22 000:2018 International Standards in Food Safety and to ensure the processes are carried out efficiently, accordingly to the International Food Safety guidelines, we carry out frequent workshops to our employees.

Our company is currently possessing machineries from removing stones, sand, foreign particles and null seeds for purification, Automatic weighing and sealing machines to Digital scales, and many other machineries that improves the quality and reliability of the goods.

Also, we pack our goods in eco-friendly packaging in attempts to reduce the environmental pollution and go greener.

Our Achievements and certificates

To us in this journey, Quality marks a significant role. Quality has always been our great differentiator that creates our worth and satisfaction in our customers.

Currently our company has obtained several Food safety certificates;

  1. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate
  2. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certificate
  3. ISO 22 000:2018 certificate

Our Product Line

Under the mother company “Sethum”, the brands Sethum Products, Nature’s love and Sethu’s Kitchen, hold a vast number of items ranging under the categories;

  1. Grains and Pulses
  2. Cereals
  3. Desserts and Baking
  4. Complimentary Food items
  5. Dried Foods
  6. Nuts and Seeds
  7. Spices
  8. Sweets and Snacks
  9. Plant-based processed foods

We strive to maintain our best quality in our items sold to our customers by not only giving our attention to the product but also to the packaging. We make sure we use the premium packaging and non-toxic ink for printing.

We also manufacture Dehydrated Papaya cubes commonly known as Tutti Fritti, Dessert ingredients like Ginger preserve, Chaw Chaw preserve, Candied Grapefruit peel and Ash gourd Cherry Preserve and Plant Based Processed Foods like Burger patties (Breaded and Grilled), Lasia rings, Vegan Watalappan and many more.

We thrive to give our attention in manufacturing Vegan and Vegetarian foods in order to accommodate our slogan ‘Specialized for vegetarians’.

Also, we are glad to be one of the main Private label contractors of a few leading supermarkets island-wide.

Our Social Work

We believe as Sethum Products that it is a duty of ours to do our best to lighten the lives of the communities surrounding us.

In order to make this belief to reality, a small step taken by us the foundation “Bavathra” meaning ‘to sail off from the continuous loop of Samsara’ to perform social work separating a proportion of the company’s profit.

Giving the priority to the Buddhist thinking, in helping the need, we together with the management and employees of the Sethum Products involve us in giving dry rations to the needy, financial aid, yearly eye campaigns where we give out free spectacles and check the eye sight are a few of the activities done under Bavathra.  

New Initiatives

Sethum Products as a new initiative is now building a 4 storied factory premise in the Athurugiriya city, Sri Lanka. The building has been constructed to accommodate the guidelines of the FSSC 22000 International standards on Food safety and the building process is almost finished.

The main reason we took this initiative is to grow Sethum products world-wide by exporting.

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